Walks Populi/DMW: Doddanekundi Lake, Saturday, 20 April '24

Part of the group:



Walks Populi/DMW: Doddanekundi Lake, Saturday, 20 April '24

Where: Doddanakundi Lake
When: Saturday, 20 April '24

Parking time: 6.15am, Walk starting time: 6.30 am (walk ends by 9:00 am)

Parking point:


Meeting/Walk starting point:


(Parking is a little difficult here, park where you can before reaching the point)

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, hats/caps, comfortable walking shoes, rain gear if there is rain forecast.

Bring: Bird books/apps, binoculars, cameras, notebooks/pencils if you like to keep notes or sketch

Plenty of water , and snacks if you like to share (we do!).

If you would like to participate in this walk, you can join the WA group at


We use this WA group to organize car pooling logistics before, and exchange information and images after, the walk.

Post outing restaurant, Murugan Idli Shop


Only in case of need/emergency, contact:

Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366
Damini Gupta, 96207 16510
Shalni Ukunge, 78291 55214

Looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow,



eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S169392447 (73 sp)
(shared with pinkoriole,shalini_ukunge,saumyag33,Engersoll,vidyabirding,)
iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-20&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any (https://tinyurl.com/5ajjvu6p)
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316334492 (45 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160465823893878&type=3

Hepatic morph female Grey-bellied Cuckoo


Rangoon Creeper (Combretum indicum, double-flowered) (Quisqualis indica, double-petalled)


Juvenile Coppersmith Barbet


Striped Tiger


Santhi, Praveen, Anirudh and group


Beautiful berries


Brefus at Shree Murugan Idly Shop, Harsh, Damini, Soumya, Vineeta (who studied in Class 2 at Holy Angels with Anjana in Chennai), Shalini




DSCN9982 Little Egret stirring up water to forage: https://youtu.be/Q818cHMdGiE?si=8vX8Us6Udn273ko5

DSCN0014 Driving along the tree-shaded Old Airport Road: https://youtu.be/ndPq1Q5ESI8?si=jUw9ZF-5vAXQZ7xa


Srirangapatna (Mysore Nature walk) and Naguvanahalli, 140424

Fixed up with Damini, Savitha, Shalini.

Most of the group at the start. Savitha, Joshika, Tanuja, Jay. Anjali, Damini, Shalini Lakshmi and Dinesh joined later.



Announcement in Mysore Nature FB group:

Those interested please join for the 14, Sunday, nature walk. 6.30 hrs to 10.00 hrs. Please cover yourselves well, the heat is quite intense. Bring enough potable water and snacks. A cap is a must.
More details please contact, 9480566516

Meeting point (part of the Mysore Bird Atlas)



Time, 6.30am (We left CA at 3am, and Pride Springfield, in Damini's car, at 3.30am. took the Mysore expressway. Coffee break on the way, and a biobreak at a petrol pump and reached well in time.)

Naguvanahalli Blue-tailed Bee-eater Sanctuary:


This is a narrow road, more like a path, but comes to a kind of graveyard, with beautiful shady trees. Very scenic.

I think we used to approach along this road earlier:


Or on the opposit side, here:



The combination of the heat, my chest infection, knee pain and lack of sleep combined to kill me off from about 9am till about lunch time, but managed to take the others to Naguvanahalli.

Note to eBirders WA group:

A magical day. *Sunday, 14 April)Damini, Savitha, Shalini and I went to join Tanuja for the Mysore Nature Walk at Srirangapatna. On the way back we decided to stop at Naguvanahalli. Simply amazing birding at both places. Srirangapatna: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168501794 (59 sp, including the Mottled Wood Owl baby being mobbed by crows as it could only hop and not fly) Naguvanahalli: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168534067 (42 sp...including a Forest Wagtail). A great way to begin the Tamizh New Year!


Everyone brought some food and we had a feast of breakfast after the feast of birds at Srirangapatna. For lunch we stopped at Maharaja Grand, Mandya, location


(Bill for 4, veg, Rs 800 inc tip. Good food and service, a/c welcome in the heat


eBird: Srirangapatna: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168501794 (59 sp)
Naguvanahalli: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168501794 (42 sp) (shared with pinkoriole, savi1974, shalini_ukunge)

Trip report: https://ebird.org/tripreport/221753 (72 sp overall)
Flickr:https://www.flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316207896/ (61 photos)

Eyes of the parent Mottled Wood Owl


We found one adult on a Neem tree. After I returned to the car, feeling unwell, I found this fledgling Owl hopping on the ground, being mobbed by crows.



The little one slowly hopped into the low branch of another tree, and the crows contined to pester it. But the other parent flew in and scattered the crows.



We all gathered for breakfast, so we don't know how things turned out for the fledgling.


Naguvanahalli was magical too. Our approach was through a narrow road, almost just a path. A well shaded area with the stream running by, and a few graves.


The Blue-tailed Bee-eaters were there in large numbers



I also got this little spider


We saw a large flock of Grey Wagtails


The place was very beautiful and in the shade we did not feel the heat at all


At lunch at Maharaja Grand, Mandya, I clicked this upside-down pineapple coffee cup


Little realizing that upside down pineapples had

a different symbolism

Came back home clicking interesting signs on the way


Autorickshaw drivers often seem to be bitter, disappointed lovers


"I love/hate my gf, preethsudre preeyadi sigOdu/ kaNNeeruu matthu/ mareyalAgada nenapugaLu/ nonda manasu (what one gets for free in love is tears and unforgettable memories in a sad mind")



0027 Processional Ants: https://youtu.be/ESyc-UQwWIA?si=ulOiM1e8WPZ93I39

0054 Baby Mottled Wood Owl on the ground: https://youtu.be/i90XQw4L3PU?si=H74Aee2YA8uvpjb9


Kalkere Biodiversity Walk, 130424

Group at the start:



Kalkere Biodiversity Walk: Saturday, 13 April '24 : Registration will open at approx 7pm, Wednesday, 10 April 24

The Deputy Conservator of Forests, Bannerghatta, is pleased to announce the Kalkere Biodiversity Walk for April 24

IMPORTANT: Registration for this walk will open at approximately 7pm on Wednesday, 10 April '24 Please do not try registering before this time, as you will get a "no longer accepting responses" message..

Where: Kalkere Reserve Forest

When: Saturday, 13 April '24

Meeting Time: 6 15am.

The groups will start the walk by 6.30am. Each group will be accompanied by at least one Forest Guard/KFD official.

The walk is restricted to 40 people in 2 groups of 20 each.

The walk will end at 9.30am.

There will be a forest entry fee of Rs.150 per participant (Children, and students who show valid ids, will be exempted.) The fee will be collected by the volunteers and given to the KFD staff (BY CASH) before the participant joins the walk.

Those who are interested in participating can register on the form after 7pm on Wednesday, 10 April 24, at



Each participant, whether adult or child, has to be registered individually. Please do not include a spouse or other family member in the registration.

If there are children to be registered, please give their names and age (on separate registrations) on the form, registering separately for them. You will have to use a different mobile no. for each registration.

Selected participants will be confirmed ONLY when they join the WA group for the walk. Further instructions/guidelines will be given on the WA group.

IMPORTANT, please read and fill the form carefully:

1. Please fill all fields. FULL NAME required (there are often two identical first names like Srinivas or Pirya, etc.) Improperly filled forms will have to be disqualified for selection.

2.. Please give only a mobile no.on which you use WhatsApp. Selected participants will be added to the WA group for the walk on that number.

3. Your proper postal address is required. "Bangalore" is not a valid address as everyone joining this walk is likely to be from Bangalore

4.. Please wait for the confirmation email which will also give the link to the WA group to join. This may take a little time as the KFD has to release the list. do not pass on the WA group joining link to others. The link will be reset after all the selected participants have joined the WA group.

5. Please check for the confirmation on the same email id that you have given on the form. * PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER TOO* .(There have been repeated problems with people not checking their spam folder and saying they have not got the email)

3. If you are not selected, please do not arrive at the Reserve Forest Office asking to be included. This is unfair to participants who have taken the effort to register. Unregistered/unconfirmed participants will have to sit in the office until the walk is concluded.

Welcoming you to the walk,

DCF/ACF/RFO, Bannerghatta.
KBW volunteers


eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168327701 (61 sp)
Siva's checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168330915 (42 sp)
Trip report: https://ebird.org/tripreport/221294 (67 sp overall)

My checklist shared with: kruttika.lokesh,indurupi, kausikmaiti, savi1974, srmallya, NeerajaKrishnan, praveen tammy, shalini_ukunge, santhi lakshmi,Bhushan_tr

iNat:https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-13&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any (https://tinyurl.com/4hkzd9hj)
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316179695 (29 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160455393263878&type=3


Indian Fox (pic: Kausik Maiti)

Indian Fox, Kalkere Biodiversity Walk, 130424

Can you see the Crested Serpent Eagle in the landscape?


Here it is


(the power of a good zoom..this was the 60X)

Beautiful flowers and buds of the Eucalyptus


Grey Junglefowl,usually heard but not often seen


Bannerghatta, Children's Walk,120424

Our group


As part of the summer camp organized by the Bannerghatta Zoo, Damini, Shalini and I volunteered to conduct the children's nature walk. We met at 7am near Gate 1 of the Zoo, started the walk by 7.30am after the children got badam milk and Marie biscuits.

(MCS at Sri Lakshmi Supermarket as usual, for S and me)

We walked through the Zoo, into the Herbivore Safari area and down to JLR Bannerghatta, winding up at around 9am.

Chitranna and raitha was served for breakfast to everyone Sri Poovappa, Manager, JLR, offered the 3 of us hot (welcome) coffee. Sri Suresh (Elephant supervisor) had us dropped back at the parking lot. Damini got off at the Butterfly Park to spend a little more time there.


eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168207026 (74 sp) shared with pinkoriole, shalini_ukunge
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316157137 (29 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160453997688878&type=3


A young elephant


Crocodiles basking in the sun




Taare mara (Belleric myrobalan, Terminalia bellirica)


Male Indian Robin


Ancient rock (Peninsular Gneiss)


On a long-distance train, 110418

This morning...

The sun peeping through trees and buildings as we glide through Telengana.

Tea-bag tea.

Hunting in vain for a local FM channel, and settling for" vaseegara" from my neighbor's no- headphones phone.

The racuous voice of a Bengali lady talking to her sister, which can be heard all over the coach.

Hard-working young catering staff clear away the tea things, earning a smile (and a tip later) from me.

A fleeting glance into everyday lives as the train passes the outskirts of Secunderabad.

A station called " Nature Cure Hospital".

Looking forward to reading " The Last White Hunter", in a while.

The gentle pace of life on a long-distance train.

Jaipurdoddi, DMW, 110424

Biju,Shalini, Damini, Jayashree, Padma, Supriya at Sri Lakshmi "Supermarket"

Sri Lakshmi Supermarket (filter coffee place) https://maps.app.goo.gl/rPVonJXWw2BYyuE6A


Fixed up with Devis and BFF (Birding Female Friends)

Biju, Damini, Jayashree, Padma, Shalini, Supriya, and I.

Sheet Rock, Jaipurdoddi, Kaleswari (Wadena) Kere, brefus at Udupi Gardeniaa past Bannerghatta Circle.

eBird:(Supriya Kulkarni)
Ragihalli Sheet Rock: https://ebird.org/checklist/S168092302 (30 sp)
Jaipurdoddi: https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S168092398 (60 sp)
Kaleswari (Wadena) Kere: https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S168092411 (27 sp)

Trip Report: https://ebird.org/tripreport/220689

iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-11&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any
Flickr:https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316136167/ (54 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160452625988878&type=3



Sunrise at the sheet rock


Fruits of the Slow Match Tree


White-bellied Drongo


Seed pods of the tree


Blue-faced Malkoha


Snack time


The magnificient banyan trees had many birds in them, feasting on the figs


Crocodile in Wadena (Kaleswari) Kere


Lesser Whistling Ducks at the kere


Breakfast at Udupi Gardeniaa on Bannerghatta Road




DSCN 9856 Common Iora foraging, with White-bellied Drongo:https://youtu.be/WS2hQ-d1y1c?si=B66adWpkYsEDD2Tg


Aagara Kere: DMW, Tuesday, 090424

Part of the group at the start



Wishing everyone a prosperous Ugadi!
DMW: Aagara Lake near Valley School,  Tuesday, 9 April '24

 Where: Agara Kere near Valley School (not to be confused with Agara Lake near HSR Layout) 
When:Tuesday, 9 April '24 Meeting point: Aagara Lake bund  Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Y2GZcnPyfDLrA12D9  
Meeting time: 6.30am.

Bring: Binoculars, cameras, bird books/apps, pads/pencils if you like to sketch or take notes.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, comfortable walking shoes,hats/caps.
Level terrain, after climbing up the bund. Linear path (not  a circular path that has to be completed). No restrooms available

Cars can be parked along the side of the road.

If you would like to participate in the walk, please join the WhatsApp group on this link:

We discuss car-pooling logistics before, and share images and information after, the walk.

  Post-outing breakfast point: Vaishnavi Palace, Kanakapura Road, location:

(I later corrected it to Udupi Upahar, Kanakapura Road


But we all finally ate at a 16-day-old Rajathagiri Palace, Kankapura Road, location

https://maps.app.goo.gl/13yW4g2Qx833SgZFA ok food, perhaps better parking)

In case of need/emergency, contact:
Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366   Shalini Ukunge, 78291 55214 
Looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow,
Cheers, Deepa.


eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S167820886 (65 sp) Shared with : pinkoriole,shalini_ukunge,deekay81,mature_eye,Sriky1, AnandSundaram, harishchandra403

iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-09&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any (https://tinyurl.com/5hfpbf5f )
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316101838/ (37 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160449253968878&type=3


My report on the Bngbirds FB group:

A day when mango and neem trees lose a lot of foliage...not because of the hot weather, but because everyone plucks the leaves and takes them home to adorn their pujas, and to serve neem leaves (baevu) along with the "bella" to wish others for Ugadi!
My walk to Aagara Kere (near Valley School area) was much better attended than I thought it would be, and we observed some very interesting things. There were all the usual waterfowl: Little, Indian and Great Cormorants, Little Grebes and Coots, a Little Egret or two stepping daintily on their yellow feet, that are called "Golden Slippers" in the US...and on the land side, several we-are-still-here Warblers (Booted, Blyth's Reed, Clamorous Reed, and Greenish), Prinias, Coucals, Malkohas, all the three commonly seen Bulbuls, both Barbets...a flashing, flying full tailed Paradise Flycatcher....and so the list went.
We saw several Jezebels nectaring on the Albizia amara flowers; Striped and Plain Tigers floated past us. Crimson and Common Roses, several kinds of Blues...the butterfly list was not lacking.
Srikanth pointed out a Praying Mantis, I showed everyone the nymphs of the Jewel Bugs; we observed several ground plants inclucing the Coldenia and some Andrographis. Flowering and fruiting trees and plants all around us...Albizia amara, Melia dubia, Orange Climber, Coat Button...there was so much to see and enjoy!
The eBird checklist is at https://ebird.org/checklist/S167820886 (65 sp)
and my photographed observations on iNaturalist are at https://tinyurl.com/5hfpbf5f
You can see all the photos I took on my Flickr album at
I must particularly mention Dyuthi, the only child (alas!) on the walk, who was keenly interested in everything, and quickly made a conical container for her nature collection out of the leaves of the Palash tree. Many of us also gathered for a chatty, getting-to-know-each-other-better breakfast at the newly-opened (16 days old!) Rajathagiri Palace. Aagara Kere, DMW, Ugadi Walk, 9 Apr '24.


Winged seeds of Indian Elm (Holoptelea integrifolia)


Common Jezebels nectaring on Albizia amara tree flowers


Common Iora


Harish, Arjun and Neha


Snack time


Nymphs of Jewel Bugs


Dyuthi with her Palash-leaf container


A happy, get-to-know-each-other-better brefus at Rajathagiri Palace, which opened 16 days ago


Birding in the Indian summer

This is the time of year when dedicated birds often become dessicated birders.... and at the end of the outing, feel like dead icated birders!

We go out, early in the morning, and return, huffing and puffing in the heat, vowing not to go out again....only to repeat as soon as it's feasible!

Saul Kere, Bngbirds 1st Sunday walk, 070424

Part of the group at the startd



Bngbirds 1st Sunday Outing

Where: Saul Kere
When: Sunday, April, 7th, 2024
Meeting time: 7 am (walk ends by 9.30 am)

Meeting point: https://maps.app.goo.gl/HmnUzgALVGQVFiS2A
(access through RMZ Ecoworld/Adarsh Palm Retreat road)

Nearest Bus Stop: Intel stop on Ring Road, 2 Kms/20 mins walk to the lake. Buses plying from Banashankari towards Marathahalli and other routes stop here.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, hats/caps, comfortable walking shoes, rain gear if there is rain forecast.

Bring: Notebook and a pen/pencil, and water.

Optional: Bird books/apps, binoculars, cameras, and any snacks you may need.

The WA group for coordinating carpools and sharing notes https://chat.whatsapp.com/BpjWg1rU0viGrPh33jkbGZ

Post outing restaurant, with parking available, The Rasaganga, location: https://goo.gl/maps/1qhhakN1Srm8ADQg6

We look forward to meeting you on Sunday.

Bngbirds volunteers
eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S167476504 (77 sp)

Shared with: arpit.b,Parita,ehravindranath,Desh14, Engersoll,csswami,sriniseshadri,Bajjusframes,Lalitha Isaac,Hemalini,kausikmaiti,pinkoriole, shalini_ukunge,paridhi11,vbsbvbab,Anoop R, Atulpod,harshitchawla (guy from Delhi made a film, sustainability management internship from Delhi, in Bang till July)

iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-07&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any ( https://tinyurl.com/2s336yvx)
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316050301 (39 photos)


Short account for Bngbirds FB group:

The weather did not prevent a very large turnout at the Bngbirds 1st Sunday walk at Saul Kere. We had several volunteers on hand to help explain various things to the participants. Both Chandu Bandi and Swami CS had brought their birding scopes, so we had a lot of "scope" for birding! The sight of a few Spot-billed Pelicans was delightful. Other highlights included the courtship of a Rose-ringed Parakeet couple, a Cinereous Tit pair building a nest in the chimney of a small pipe in the wooded area, a very brief glimpse of a Nightjar. The Spotted Owlets were, as usual, a big draw, and here is part of the group observing them. The eBird checklist that I compiled is at
https://ebird.org/checklist/S167476504 (77 sp) and my photographed observations on iNaturalist are at https://tinyurl.com/2s336yvx
We observed several flowering and fruiting trees, many other insects such as Weaver Ants, butterflies including Plain Tigers, Crimson Roses and even a dead Dark Cerulean. A very productive nature walk indeed! Saul Kere, 7 April '24.


Waning crescent moon. We are one day away from Chaitra Amavasya, the new moon


How we pollute...


Flowers of the Arjuna tree


Male Garganey


Seeds to be dispersed by wind


White-cheeked Barbet carrying berries to feed the nestlings


Rose-ringed Parakeets courtship


Dead Dark Cerulean


Auto art: Conveying a family with inadequate resources to a safe place, in a loaned vehicle on the path of joys and sorrows , in a balanced manner, with a smile.




DSCN 9716 Part of the group looking at the Spotted Owlet:https://youtu.be/9Ic6Gp03E3A?si=fvxxRGDHmOj8ozHz

DSCN 9724 White-cheeked Barbet flying into and out of nest: https://youtu.be/va3fQouIWsA?si=Ka_APj5fafmCulRg


Hessarghatta Lake, All Women's Nature Walk, 060424

Group at the start:




Hello lovely ladies! Here are the final details of the walk. Please read them carefully.

🗓️ Date: Saturday, 6 April 2024

📍 Location: Hessarghatta Lake (https://maps.app.goo.gl/189xcGFEBr9kDHTk9)
Please only follow this location to reach the correct entrance.

Charges: none!

🕖 Time: the walk starts at 6:30 am. Make sure you reach 15 min early to look for parking, find the entrance, etc. We will not be available for phone calls to give directions.

Duration: 2 hours

Participants Kindly Note
☀️🦟Dress to protect yourself from the sun and mosquitoes - wear fully covered clothes and apply mosquito repellent. Please wear dull coloured clothes if you don’t want birds to fly away as soon as they see you!

🚶🏽‍♀️We will be walking a bit so carry water. And a light snack!🥪

🦜We will also bring some binoculars for you to share.

👩‍👧‍👦Feel free to bring kids.

🦋If you have any special needs, please message us separately.

See you there!

Misha and Mittal


eBird: (Mittal Gala) https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S167320149 (74 sp)
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316034848 (44 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160444882308878&type=3


Because it was getting hot we did not go to the other side of the lake past the temple on the bund.

Some of us had breakfast at New Udupi Delicacy, location:


Mediocre food, coffee, service.


eBird (Mittal): https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S167320149 (73 sp)
iNat: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?on=2024-04-05&place_id=any&user_id=deemopahan&verifiable=any
Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/86494503@N00/albums/72177720316034848/ (44 photos)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10160444882308878&type=3




Oriental Skylark foraging



DSCN9581 Coldenia ( Coldenia procumbens)

Madras Carpet

DSCN9582 Madras Carpet (Grangea maderaspatana)

Common Sandpiper


Lapwing eggs on the ground


Social Spiders' web


Female Red Avadavat


Majestic Rain Tree, where we shared our snacks


Flowers of Mast Tree