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Soft as sin

"Soft as sin", said the words
Of Jonna's haiku.
The words imprinted themselves
In my heart.
Yes, I thought...sin is soft.
The soft temptation that calls one
In the darkness of the soul
To do things against one's conscience.
The soft sibilancy of illicit love
Whispering in one's ears...lust.
The soft delight of food that is eaten
For sheer love of eating...gluttony.
The soft, insistent wanting
Of more than one has...greed.
The soft sounds of sleep
That is beyond rest...sloth.
The soft heat that comes to a head
In a burst of temper...wrath.
The softness of a poisonous remark
Made against someone...envy.
Sin does not stride boldly
Into one's soul;
It slides in, softly,
Slinking in, with slime..
With unseemly haste, we surrender
While our good selves sleep.
"Soft as sin" descriptive.
The sibilance of the Serpent
Is in those words.

The original haiku by Jonna:

"What does your name mean?"
His voice tender, soft as sin.
"Moonlight." Then, he smiled.
Tags: life, morality, poetry, verse

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