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Six months old, 280713

Where did 180 days go?

DSC04852 9  booda 280713

They went to create an alert, curious look:

DSC04858 8  booda 280713

They went to create some extremely-strong-at-kicking legs:

DSC04907 2  booda 280713

They went to create some delicious turnovers:

DSC04901 3  booda 280713

They went to create some upwardly mobile bottoms:

DSC04900 4  booda 280713

They went to make some great yoga asanas:

DSC04899 5  booda 280713

Sometimes, even at the age of 6 months, you can find someone kicking the bucket!

DSC04914 booda 280713
Tags: babies, children, families, grand, happiness, photography, sons, st louis

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