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Love and mushrooms...

I went to the Farmers' Market with my friends Divya and Chinmay, who've just arrived in St.Louis, with their son, Siddhartha. I love mushrooms, and I saw a nice lot of it there. But AM had told me they are not everyone else's favourite, so...since I love my daughter, I came home without buying them

The next day, she came home from grocery shopping, and lo and behold, a box of mushrooms were in her hand..."These are for you, Amma, because you love them!" she said. I love mushrooms dearly, but I love my daughter even more....

So here are the mushrooms, getting sliced for the khumbh-matar that I made...

DSC05978 130813 stl mshrms

Here's the matar part of the khumbh-matar:

DSC05979 130813 stl matar

Onion, tomato and ginger ground together and sauteed made the base for the dish.

DSC05980 130813 stl masala

The mushrooms and the peas were simmered together in this base, and it was a delicious dish...which passed into history almost immediately...the surprise fan being 2-year-old Siddhartha, who polished the last of it off while we were walking back from visiting the Zoo!
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