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STL Crane Project, Art Hill, Forest Park, 180813

I read about the

STL Crane Project

I decided to to do a different kind of bird-watching, and visit Art Hill on my way to Kennedy Forest. I saw the installation from a distance...

SLAM, STL crane project, Art Msm, 180813

As I came closer, the installation was clearer.

DSC06276 4, STL crane project, Art Msm, 180813

Other visitors were also photographing the origami cranes:

DSC06277 3, STL crane project, Art Msm, 180813

The only thing I disliked was that each crane was weighted down with two ziploc bags of sand...a huge wastage of plastic:

DSC06279 2 STL crane project, Art Msm, 180813

Cheerful volunteers were collecting $10 for each bird (which could be take away after the weekend):

DSC06281 STL crane project, Art Msm, 180813

I went with DS and KTB to Kaufmann Park, later, and found a crane in front of one of the houses, too :)

More photos on my

FB album

Here's the video of how to make an origami crane:

Tags: artists, birding, event, forest, museum, photography, st louis

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