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Lone Elk Park, 240813

...And here's the Lone Elk!


After spending a day at the

Purina Farms Family Day

a paid event to which we went (the pictures are

here on my FB album

I asked if we could drive through

Lone Elk Park

(click on the name above for the post of my first visit there)

Click on the name of each animal, or bird, to get to the Wiki entry and info about it.

DSC06608 road 240813 Lone Elk Park

and so we did...we were not supposed to get out of the car, but it was a very productive "car safari".

This sign kept me in the car more effectively than tigers or lions could have done!

DSC06612 ticks sign 240813 Lone Elk Park

I'm still digging tick heads out of my skin after each foray into Forest Park, so I had no wish to do more excavation.

Here are the prairie grasses....

DSC06611 prairie 240813 Lone Elk Park

We started with some


sunning themselves on rocks in the water...

DSC06610 turtles 240813 Lone Elk Park

We then saw a



DSC06621 240813 Lone Elk Park

DSC06620 240813 Lone Elk Park

DSC06618 240813 Lone Elk Park

Then we saw herd of


DSC06624 240813 Lone Elk Park

Some of them had been ear-tagged (for safety and tracking, one assumes)

DSC06628 240813 Lone Elk Park

You can see the ear tag and the lovely liquid eye:

DSC06629 240813 Lone Elk Park

Others sat around in the grass, not bothered about the passing cars, in much the way our mammals do in Bandipur...

DSC06630 240813 Lone Elk Park

In fact, some of them did not even raise their heads!

DSC06631 240813 Lone Elk Park

They were clearly telling us not to come back :)

DSC06633 240813 Lone Elk Park

Such beautiful animals!

DSC06635 240813 Lone Elk Park

We then entered the Bison area, with repeated warnings not to get out of the car:

DSC06636 240813 Lone Elk Park

A group of


delighted me.

DSC06638 240813 Lone Elk Park

DSC06640 240813 Lone Elk Park

DSC06643 240813 Lone Elk Park

We were lucky to come upon a herd of


45 240813 Lone Elk Park

During the summer, with food plentifully available, they don't always come up near the road, so we were lucky! (Yes, I 've gone through the ride sometimes without sighting a single animal.)

I find it hilarious that the scientific name of the American Bison is Bison bison, and that of the the Plains Bison is...Bison bison bison!

Apart from the massive adults, there was a little calf, too:

DSC06646 240813 Lone Elk Park


Lone Elk Park website

says this little bull calf was born on Jan 3, 2013!

Why do young ones always look so adorable?

DSC06647 240813 Lone Elk Park

"Come along, come along!" the mother said....

DSC06648 calf  lone elk pk 240813

They continued grazing.

DSC06651  lone elk pk 240813

The sheer size of these animals is awesome.

DSC06652 lone elk pk 240813

Here's a short video of the American Bison:

We then went on, not really hoping for much more...but a marvellous surprise awaited us, as we saw the magnificient antlers of this

Elk Stag:


He wandered across the road:


On he went, slowly:


He stopped to have a good scratching session....

We left Lone Elk Park, very happy with what we'd seen in the short time we'd been there, particularly since I'd not expected to see anything at all in the lush foliage!
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