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Rhyme schemes...should one follow rules?

I wrote:

Why do I miss you so much?
I don't know why...I only know
That I miss your voice, I miss the touch
Of our minds...the caress
Of your eyes...
The happiness that no
Other being on earth
Can give me....your worth
Is beyond price.
You are my less.

That rhyme scheme is a never-before heard-0f


and it's ten lines, not a category that I know of...

Should one follow the rules of poetry, rhetoric and prosody? Or, when the words flow, should one just pen them, and let them stand as they come into one's mind (with perhaps minor changes)? I believe, the I'm letting this stand the way it is.

Any thoughts, asakiyume or birdonthewire? Post your comments here, but also send me an email, as I am not often able to see the comments on my posts, or reply to them when I can see them.
Tags: creativity, language, poetry, questions, rhymes, rules, verse

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