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deponti to the world

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The Blue Jays, Forest Park
I was walking to meet Eliot Miller and his girlfriend, Sarah, both of whom are postdocs in bird science; Eliot is studing at UMSSL, and called me over to go birding with them.

I suddenly heard a lot of disturbance in a tree nearby, and stopped to investigate. Here's what I saw:




were having a major altercation in the tree; I never did find out why! Though Blue Jays are bright blue, they managed to still camouflage themselves well in the tree:



As they moved around, scolding, I managed to get a few more shots:


Round and round they went, hopping, yelling at each other (there seemed to be no other intruder.)


Thanks to the West Nile virus, Jay populations have been decimated, and I don't find these beautiful birds as often as I used to:


I enjoyed my interlude with the Jays as I went onwards to look at more birds, in the company of Eliot and Sarah.


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I was very happy to see that the jays are making a comeback after the ravages of West Nile. I saw more this past summer than I have in about 8 years. YAY! They can be obnoxious and aggressive but they sure are pretty.

Fortunately we have a lot around here--I enjoy feeding them peanuts. They are entertaining, like crows, to watch :-)

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