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The inventor of the digital timer....and other things...

Vince Eitzen was DS' grandfather. Marilyn, his grandmother, left for Florida today...and was talking about her first husband (he was the first of her 3 husbands.) He must have been an amazing guy...

(She's certainly quite amazing.. she flew from Florida alone, and back, and spent each day with us, especially a long day at the Zoo!)

Near as I can tell, Pappy/Vince appears to have invented the digital preset timer as we know it. Just think of the daily applications...microwaves, ovens, sports, wow!

Also, (see 3rd link), an automated, on-line (telephone) ordering system...he was way ahead of his time!





I cannot think, ever, of being able to invent anything, and the creativity required for this is beyond anything I can even dream of! interested he would be, if he were alive today!
Tags: amazing, creativity, families, history, people

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