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What do you do if you're four years old, and go to the Seal/Sea Lion show at the St.Louis Zoo?

It's not given to everyone to watch the Sea Lion show sitting on their 91-year-old great grandmother's lap!


You admire the whiskers:


You also take a little time to explore the railings:


You wonder when the show will start:


You watch the seal sliding down the chute:


You wonder at its ability to balance that ball so perfectly:


You watch Mark, who's volunteered, as he interacts with the pinniped:


You love the smile on his face:


You wonder if you would like fish as much as these creatures do...


You are stunned to silence when the Sea Lion arrives:


You watch a little more:

You go down to the water's edge with your Amma and Nana, to get up close and personal with these creatures of the sea:



You go out to enjoy the rest of the Zoo, talking excitedly about the Sea Lion show!
Tags: children, enjoyment, families, learning, nature, performance, st louis, water, weekend, wildlife, zoo

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