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The only four videos I took on the trip to Eaglenest WLS, 301113

Here are two videos of a


bathing, and disporting itself, in the Kameng (which becomes the Jia Bharolli river in Assam) River:


We saw this


foraging along the far bank of the Kameng River:

And we got the beautiful


in the trees along the riverbank, too.

(the video will give an idea of the distance the bird was at!)

This was one trip where I did not miss my DSLR and the 300mm lens at fact, electricity (even with the help of a generator) was in such scarce supply that I was thankful that I didn't have to lug a heavy camera over hill and dale and then hunt for a power source to charge it with, overnight!

So, in the days to come, you'll just see my usual SMS (Shamelessly Mediocre Shots) of people, scenery,butterflies, plants, wildflowers, insects, and so on....whatever caught my eye and fancy, not just the birds!
Tags: behaviour, birding, india, nature, river, travel, video, wildlife, youtube

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