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Nature Trail to Valley School, 081213


Here's my email to the Bird Watchers' Field Club:

It was a bracing Sunday morning as 10 of us headed out to the Valley School area. As usual, it did not disappoint us...the highlights of the morning were watching, riveted, as large groups of Coppersmith Barbets and Oriental White-eyes feasted on the Banyan figs on the tree at the entrance.


Coppersmith Barbet's perfect camouflage amongst the figs and leaves of the Banyan tree

Also, a flock of Scaly-breasted Munias, Silverbills, and Rose-ringed Parakeets were feasting off the maize in the morning a"maizing" sight that we thoroughly enjoyed!

Male Scaly-breasted Munias feeding on maize

Female Scaly-breasted Munias feeding on maize.

We met many other birders and photographers on the trail, too.


Chandu and I watched a Warbler sitting on the wire near two Red-rumped Swallows. Is this usual behaviour for the bird? I am so used to peering into the leaf-clutter for these skulky little LBJ's, that it was quite a surprise.


Ipomaeia muricata

The Flycatchers gave us a whole cultural program. The Asian Paradise did his tail-fashion show, the Fantail performed their dance, and the Tickell's Blue sang its sweet song for us!

Except for the Shama and the Kestrel, all of us saw all the birds, strengthening my theory that if we approach carefully, and are mindful of others' need to sight the birds, large groups can have as productive birding trips as small ones.


Having said that....we did split up into smaller groups at times.


Shield Bug.

I was very happy to have two young botanists, Janani and Ganesh along, as I learnt a bit from them about various plants and seeds we saw on the way.



It was even more enjoyable to compare notes and images over IVC (Iddli Vada Coffee) at Udupi Banashree on the way back.



Babbler, Puff-throated
Barbet, Coppersmith
Barbet, White=cheeked
Bee-eater, Green
Bulbul, Red[vented
Bulbul, Red-whiskered
Bulbul, White-browed
Bushchat, Pied
Bushlark, Jerdon's
Buttonquail, Barred
Buzzard, Oriental Honey
Coucal, Greater
Crow, House
Crow, Large-billed
Cuckoo,Common Hawk
Cuckoo, Pied
Cuckoo-shrike, Black-headed
Dove, Laughing
Dove, Spotted
Drongo, Ashy
Drongo, Black
Eagle, un id
Egret, Little
Flowerpecker, Pale-billed
Flycatcher,Asian Paradise
Flycatcher, White browed Fantail
Flycatcher, Tickell's Blue
Flycatcher, Verditere
Francolin, Grey
Kestrel, Common
Kite, Black shouldered
Iora, Common
Junglefowl, Grey
Kite, Black
Kite, Brahminy
Koel, Asian
Lapwing, Red-wattled
Lark, Un id
Munia, Scaly-breasted
Silverbill, Indian
Myna, Common
Myna, Jungle
Oriole, Eurasian Golden
Parakeet, Rose-ringed
Pigeon, Blue Rock
Prinia, Ashy
Robin, Indinan
Robin,Oriental Magpie
Roller, Indian
Shama, White-rumped
Shrike, Brown
Starling< Rosy
Sunbird, Purple-rumped
Sunbird, Purple
Swallow, Red-rumped
Tailorbird, common
Treepie, Rufous
Warbler Booted
Warbler Un,id
White-eye, Oriental

The butterflies were all around us and delighted us as well.


Blues, Various
Brown, Evening
Brown, Bush, Un id
Coster, Tawny
Gull, Common
Jezebel, Common
Leopard, Common
Orange-tip, White
Orange-tip, Yellow
Rose, Common
Rose, Crimson
Tiger, Plain
Wanderer, Common
Yellow, Mottled Grass
Yellow, Three-spot Grass
Yellow, Spotless

Various bugs, dragonflies,grasshoppers, moths, and spiders.

We saw an un id Calotes, burrowing in the mud to lay her eggs, and spotted what might have been the pugmarks of a fox.


Ganesh (Yalamarti)
and yours truly/

Thank you to my favourite wilderness, for a very enjoyable morning!

My SMS are up on my FB album,

click here


The others have posted much better shots on FB, too.
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