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What is my definition of age?

On an FB post of mine (which is where, now, all the interesting conversations and debates happen for me....LJ is a closed door), someone asked me, "What is your definition of age?"

Hmmm....let me think.

Just...the addition of Anno Domini.

We all age, in different ways. My age does not necessarily confer wisdom or maturity on me...and if I don't learn from experience, all the expeirience of life is just a passing show, too. Age, to me, is (nothing more than) the time elapsed since I arrived on Earth.

To me, wrinkles, white hair, lack of muscle tone, the general beginnings of complaints from various parts of the body...are part of the parcel. I do what I can to take care of myself, on a moderate level, but the rest I leave as Nature's gifts.

What I do try to do, is to convert my life's experiences into wisdom, maturity, and grace. That is a hard task, and I am not very successful, I am afraid. me...aging is different from maturing, and I want to do the latter...I have no control over the former.

And talking of you want to see what I looked like at 24? Here...

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