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Puttenahalli Lake, 220214


Cultivar, Purva Heights, 220214.

Email to the Bird Watchers' Field Club:

On a sudden whim, I called up a few friends and we did a late morning ramble at Puttenahalli Lake.


Nayantara and Raji

It was very satisfying. My friend Rewati and her son Pranav


are extremely observant about all the small forms of life...

Lacewing eggs




I don't know what this is...termite droppings?


Jayashree, Nayantara and Raji were looking more at the birds.

Green Sandpiper


and Raji was practising with her DSLR and new lens. We watched Pond Herons and Little Egrets chasing each other away from where they felt they could get the goodies. Black Kites, two Brahminy Kites, and a lone Red-rumped Swallow, swooped along. Purple Moorhens, oops, sorry, Swamphens,


quarrelled and bickered, as is their wont. Common Coots and Little Grebes bobbed up and into the water, and Spot-billed Ducks and a few Garganeys made us stand and stare, the manner approved by the poet.

I watched several kinds of spiders, too, and would like some help with the id of some of them....are these baby Theridids in this photo? It was stunning to watch them scramble around when even a slight breeze disturbed them!


We enjoyed seeing this

bagworm crawling about.


Some had passed on:


Lovely patterns of seed pods:



Babbler, Jungle
Barbet, White-cheeked
Cormorant, Little
Coot, Common
Crow, House
Crow, Jungle
Duck, Spot-billed
Egret, Little
Heron, Pond
Heron, Grey
Heron, Purple
Grebe, Little
Kingfisher, White-breasted
Kite, Black
Kite, Brahminy
Moorhen, Common
Moorhen, Purple
Munia, Scaly-breasted
Myna. Common
Myna, Jungle
Pigeon, Blue Rock
Prinia, Ashy (heard)
Sandpiper, Green
Warbler, Greenish

I've put up some photos on my FB album at

Butterflies (er, sorry was looking more at the spiders today!)

Blue, Pea
Castor, Common
Cerulean, Common
Coster, Tawny
Leopard, Common
Emigrant, Common
Rose, Common
Rose, Crimson
Tiger, Plain
Yellow, Common Grass
Yellow, Three-spot Grass

Cheers, and hope all of you are enjoying the last of the lovely cool weather, before a blistering, dry summer sets in!
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