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Ode to Forest Park: What I've owed to Forest Park

Eliot Miller sent an email on the Mobirds mailing list, concluding about Forest Park, "Can't wait to get back there again!" That brought the words tumbling out...

(All photos taken in Forest Park)

wtr blw fp 160711 stl photo IMG_3755-1.jpg

des peres bridge 090213 stl photo DSC00671.jpg

Think of me when you walk
In Forest Park;
In the dawn, in the sunshine,
In the sunset, in the dark.

22 170613 Muny Sunset

Think of me, in the cold;
As in the drifts you go.
Think of me, as the fall rain
Slowly turns to snow.

B'nw snow fp 240313 best photo DSC02340.jpg

B'nw snow fp 240313 zoo gate photo DSC02337-1.jpg

Think of me as the trees
Change colors in their leaves;
Think of me as the swallows
Fly their nests under the eaves.


Think of me when the bare branches
Are full of colour and song:
Think of me as on the spring grass
You happily walk along.


Art and theatre live there;
So does history, too.
Wildlife and birds live in the open;
Exotics live in the Zoo.



Ancient trees drop their leaves
Or stand festooned in green.
The sunrise and sunset there
Are the most beautiful I've seen.

rd tld hawk with prey fp 070413 photo DSC03771.jpg

People fly kites, play tennis;
They enjoy themselves on the water;
Cricket, baseball, picnics, walks.
It's a place of fun and laughter.


Think of me, no matter when
To Forest Park you go.
It is, in all the city of St.Louis
One of the nicest places I know.

e tgr swlwtl hb tat 130711 photo IMG_3671-1.jpg

yellow lotus fp 110711 photo IMG_3593-1.jpg
Tags: forest, photography, poetry, st louis, urban living, us visit, verse

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