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When trees shade the roads...

As I boarded the bus to go and meet my friends (we were going to Nagavalli, in Tumkur District, to sight the Slender Loris, aka kAdupApA), I saw this artwork silhouette of a tree on the bus:


As we drove into Tumkur district, it struck me more, and more, how beautiful roads look when they are avenues, that is, shaded by trees. are some shots of roads with trees, showing how inviting they can can also see the variety of transport vehicles that we use in our country, which makes our traffic so haphazard and difficult to negotiate!










Why do we not think of trees as living beings who share this earth with us, and must not be murdered to make more room for us?
Tags: bangalore, karnataka, nature, ntp, photography, roads, scenery, trees, tumkur, wildlife

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