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Semma kadi (PJ's in Tamil) I am just leaving them as is.

Nama adicha athu mottai,
Athuva vilundha athu sottai!

'Dye' na mandayila podurathu,
'Die' na mandaya podurathu

Thannikulla kappal pona jolly...
Kappalkulla thanni pona gali...
elephant mela namma ukandha savari
elephant namma mela okandha oppari!!!!

Running racela kaal evalavu vegama odinaalum, !
Pri​z​e kaikuthaan kedaikkum!!

Sodava fridgela vacha cooling soda aagum, Athukkaaga atha washing
machinela vac​​ha washing soda aagumaa!!

kovil maniya namma adicha saththam varum...
aana kovil mani nammala adicha raththam than varum....

South India-la Narthangai kidaikkum.
Aaana, North India-la Southangai kidaikuma?

Pant Pottu Muttipoda mudiyum aanaaa
muttipottu pant poda mudiyumaa...........

Today's punch:
Thanneera Thanninnu sollalaam
Panneera panninnu solla mudiyuma?
Tags: humour, jokes, st louis, tamizh

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