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The wildflower bouquet, 080714

kejn took me for a wonderful morning of nature and birding trails...​Klingansvalsan (Vomb) Lake, and Silvakra. We had lovely sightings of birds, insects, mammals, took in some beautiful scenery....but I was also thinking of Fran, a very indoor person, whom we'd left behind. So I picked these wildflowers for her!


I asked N to hold it, too...


I came home and gave it to Fran, who said she'd not got a bouquet of flowers for goodness knows how long!

It looked so very beautiful, sitting on the table in the central courtyard at N's home:


Here's Fran, with N, as they work on some details of their trip to Berlin:


Friends...are worth their weight in wildflowers!
Tags: flowers, friends, happiness, photography, travel, wildflower india

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