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Creatures, and verse...

I got a well-meaning email saying that my photography was getting "worse and worse" and explaining all my faults. Now, I am a HCP..Hopelessly Content Photographer, who posts SMS (Shamelessly Mediocre Shots). So...I thought, what if my photography was verse instead of worse? Here goes...I saw all these in Scandinavia.

Tired of flitting.
A little lazy.
Stop a minute.
Upon a Daisy.


"Scratch" the race!
This young hare cries.
Hidden in the high grass
Is the tortoise, slow but wise!


The flower has food in plenty.
The bee, therefore, is rolling.
As he drinks the nectar up
He gathers up the pollen.


This cat was keen upon its hunt.
And did not like being snapped.
Its agenda was very clear:
A mouse, eaten, after getting trapped!


Big Chief One-Feather
Sat upon a pole.
Hoping for a juicy chick,
A shrew, or a vole!


This moth lay on the leaf-litter.
Amongst the drops of rain.
Will it die where it lies now?
Or will it fly again?


Can you see my horns? He asks
While running in the wheat.
He slants a wary eye at us:
Vanishes on graceful feet.


Curling into a fetal ball
Is this hedgehog's best defense.
I didn't touch him or trouble him..
But caught him with my lens.


Glorying in the sunlight
At the prime of his young life.
Grassy paddocks and well-cared ease:
What does he know of strife?


"Life's a bubble" it seems
When I watch this foraging duck.
He'll migrate soon, for the winter months
And survive, if he has good luck!


"I have so many back home!" I cried
As we kept seeing European Black Kites.
Then, suddenly an Osprey appeared:
A dream come true in browns and whites!


I just looked at the backyard.
No announcement. No knock.
He arrived...and silently,
This European Peacock.

Tags: butterflies, creation, insects, mammals, photography, poetry, travel, verse, visit

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