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NCF: Excellent work in Valparai on resolution of elephant-human conflict

When we went to Valparai in April 2014, I was able to meet Ananda Kumar, and of course, I know Ganesh Raghunathan quite well (though I've never been able to meet him at his "workplace"!)

Many organizations that I belong to are addressing this knotty problem of elephant-human conflict; the problem is particularly bad in the Ragihalli/Shivanahalli area of the Bannerghatta National Park, and yes, there have been fatalities there, too.

So, when I saw this documentary on the work being done by Ganesh and Anand, under the aegis of Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), I was very heartened.


is one of my FB albums from our last visit. I suppose that in the limited time Anand had, he could hardly touch the tip of the subject, but he certainly held us spellbound in that time!

I'd gone with the others to document something of the behaviour of the Lion-tailed Macaques, as I did in

this post

But the ecology of an area is a holistic picture, and certainly all the mammals, birds, plant life and human beings form part of the whole; the co-existence and the conflict are two parts of the same coin.

Thank you, Evanescence Studios, for producing this wonderful feature. It's 16 minutes long, but well worth the time.
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