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Ghastly Hindi jokes about celebs

Pankaj fell in love
Pankaj married
Pankaj divorced
Pankaj udaas

Sonia was walking
Sonia slipped
Sonia fell into the drain
Sonia gandhi

Sameera went to parlor
Sameera did her hair
Sameera did her makeup
Sameera reddy

Kangana hit the ball
Kangana took a single
Kangana did not reach the crease
Kangana ranaut

Hrithik buys bulb
Hrithik puts bulb in socket
Hrithik switches bulb on
Hrithik roshan

Lance arms weak.
Lance joins gym.
Lance does chin-ups.
Lance armstrong

Poonam puts chuna
Poonam puts kathha
Poonam puts gulkand
Poonam puts supari
Poonam pandey

Anil menbatti
Anil agarbatti
Anil dhoop
Anil kapoor

Umar walking on road
Umar got kidnapped
Umar not found by family
Umar gul

Minisha purchased cycle
Minisha started riding cycle
Minisha's height increased
Minisha lamba

William makes fruit shake
William takes pears
William puts them in glass
William shakespeare

Mika go to studio
Mika go to recording room
Mika take mike
Mika singh
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