deponti (deponti) wrote,

Learning many things at once... and met usha123....


Learning a lot of different things at once can be daunting sometimes.....

I didn't realize, when falling in love with wildlife, that it would be so interlinked with photography, and that digital photography would be so inseparable from the computer and seems to me that I am learning to swim in a pool which has several deep ends! Oh, well, one day I will get there (though I might be about 163 years old at that point.)

For example:

Getting sanathreddy's first picture on to Flickr, and then to  LJ,  proved a challenge for me as I didn't realize that Nikon raw was in a different file format from Canon assumes standardization! So amoghavarsha came to our aid, in the middle of a VERY busy day!

Today, we were passing through Bangalore's lovely Gandhi Bazaar at its festive best (today is  Ganesha Chathurthi, or fourth phase of the moon which is the festival of Ganesha) on our way to a wedding, and I felt I *had* to take some snaps (couldn't get to 9th Block yesterday) ....and I  got off with KMC (KM's Camera) while the poor spouse, muttering to himself, parked a little way ahead. I clicked some pictures...and the colours seemed not very bright. KM explained that he had set the camera for indoor shots and told me, "It's a complicated camera." As if he had to tell me that! Well, I will post those tomorrow, as we just came home to wish someone else a happy wedding anniversary, and are back to the friend's wedding again...I will post some shots from the wedding, too....

KM won't tell me where the camera manual is...that is one way I could learn more about it....

But one of the nice things about the wedding today was meeting usha123, who recognized me from my photos and came up to say hi! Wanted KM to take a snap of both of us, but in the rush of the wedding rituals and work to be done, it didn't happen...usha123 travels all over the world on her work, must get her to post more often!

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