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Sometimes, even as I am writing something, I think of someone specific reading it and wonder what the reaction will be...for example when I post descriptions about my home and surroundings, I think of how asakiyume or suzan_s will react....but the amazing thing is that I never fail to be surprised at where reactions come from, and what they are. Who would imagine that siniak_castle would be interested the floriculture of Bangalore? That thaths would respond about Kannadasan? Or that wondernoon, who was a child when I was a young woman, would express much the same thoughts and feelings that I had when my child was the same age as hers is now?

I look forward eagerly to the comments, and often, they provide points of view and perspectives that really open up my thinking into new vistas...I like compliments and savour them, but disagreement, too, can be such a stimulus!

So..if you read my LJ..please feel free to comment...I find it a great way of interacting with so many minds! No newspaper publication ever brings me this kind of feedback which can lead to more interaction and more ideas...
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