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A Freudian slip is what you wear under your Jung gown...


My friend latelyontime wrote to me:

"I saw this weird looking word - something like a mutated sparrow, perched next to me last evening"

This had me laughing out loud!!

I like wordplay and I like birds, so I would really LOVE to see a weird -looking word perched next to him on a park bench!

Another lovely typo was by kalyan...I was asking for a post  of his Yahoo days which brainz referred to, about his being stuck in the toilet...and he typed back, "I am looing for it!"

And I wonder if you read my post about yet another  friend whom I had taken to see an art exhibition, and she emailed me, "So...did you go back to see those painings?"

As latelyontime would probably say:  I love birdplay!

Tags: fun, typos

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