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While we debate in our ivory towers....

Was "India's Daughter" a good documentary? Did it deal with a matter that is sub judice? Was at least one of the convicted rapists paid for his interview? Should the defence lawyers be banned?

The debate ranges on. But meanwhile, from the news on these links...

Tamil Nadu police officer bashes up his daughter in public (Deccan Herald, Friday, 13th March 2015.)

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Abused six-year-old girl battles trauma (Hindu, Friday, 13th March, 2015)

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A missing girl's body turns up in Mysore...burnt: (Times of India, 12th March, 2015)

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Salman Khan's case still dragging on, while he acts in movies. The incident where several slumdwellers were run over, occurred on Sept 28, 2002. (, 12th March, 2015)

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What's happening in the place I'm going to in a while isn't good, either; Ferguson, Missouri, continues to fester:

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I came back from my second eye surgery, and friends have been telling me not to read. Perhaps they are right, and I should give up reading..altogether. We are not going to change, are we?
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