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A FaceBook post by Gopakumar Menon: Weight and See

‘Six kgs excess,’ said the lady at the check-in
With a charming, engaging smile
‘Would you please pay by cash, rupees
As the card will take quite awhile?’

I put on my favourite hunted look
As the mouse would before (what else?) a cat
‘Could you please waive this once away
And have a delighted customer after that?’

She shook her head as she wrote the receipt
(The smile was still in its intended place)
I paid up a ransom that emptied my wallet
(And the blood off my cherubic face).

As I walked ashen, the next man checked in
His bag was light; no excess to declare
Built like a hulk, all beef, beer and bulk
HE was excess baggage; it just wasn’t fair!

I thought for a moment of raising the point
That a chap and his bag be together weighed
A limit be placed that charges his flab
And rewards a guy who slim has stayed……(that’s me!)

But I walked on, poorer, a rebel with a cause
Cursing myself as a weakling dimwit.
When I reflect on what held me back
I guess it was the smile that did it.
Tags: air travel, friends, humour, verse

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