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Cataract surgery + laser surgery update, 060415 MORE visit to the eye clinic to find out why I am misty-eyed at the end of 3 weeks after cataract surgery. Apparently, as a result of the surgery, some separation of the vitreous humor from the retina has taken place (in both eyes.). Either I will have to live with it, or the vitreous humor might "shrink" and my sight will improve "in a few months." So much for the clinic counsellor's blithe words, "No risk madam! Absolutely no risk!"
The retinal tear in my left eye, accelerated as a result of the surgery, has been "stitched" by laser surgery. What are the chances of its occurring in the other eye as well? Cannot be estimated.

Another fact not given before surgery...the intra-ocular lenses have a blue-coloured UV filter. So everything I see, even after 3 weeks, has a blue cast. I was told about this only when I asked why I seemed to be having Blu-ray vision. Did I have an option not to choose these "blue" lenses? I do not even know.

I got this cataract surgery done NOT because there was any emergency, but because I am in good health, and I hoped my vision would improve. II am, slowly, getting convinced that I should not have gone in for it at all. Today, my vision is marginally worse than it used to be. (thankfully, only marginally!)

Moral of the story: Doctors do NOT give enough info, and patients often do not even know what to ask. So...unless it's needed...keep away from doctors,hospitals, clinics, surgery....and Alvilbevel.
Typing this through the usual milky mist!
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