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Cataract surgery complications: Wait and See, 100415

My darling A,

Yesterday, you wasted one hour of your working time, preparing
questions that I could ask the eye doctor. I got the surgeon who did
my right eye (Dr Praveen Murthy) to give me an appt today at 3pm

For the rest of you, if you don't want the details: I have a not very
major problem caused by the surgery, and should wait to see if it
settles down, or I get used to it, over the next few months.

If this is enough for you, just delete the email. Only Anjana may be
interested in all the ikkini details, I will not blame anyone else if
they are bored to death :D

If you still want the details...Collapse )

I thanked the doctor. I think that whatever can be done has been done,
quite diligently, by the eye clinic. I am one of those 'statistics'
which are just numbers...until they happen to you!

Now that I have the information..I will be not just an eye patient,
but generally patient, and see if my problems settle down over a
period of a few months.

A, I am content to wait, and I do not want to see another doctor
in the US. In fact I will be extremely happy if I never have to see
another doctor professionally again!

Cheers, "Misty-vision" Amma
Tags: bangalore, complications, difficulties, health, karnataka, questions, surgery

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