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Rob(I)n...that's "the eye of the Robin"!...and its nest-under construction

Here's the Robin, probably the most common bird in North America:


Here is the beauty of its eye, especially those I'd-like-to-have-'em long lashes:


There is a very small Clematis creeper in our back yard, that too, right next to the garage door, ensuring maximum disturbance.



So...ofkose, Wannabe-Mother Robin chooses this quite-exposed and dangerous place for her nest!


Every morning and evening (I am not looking at other times) she adds to the work-in-progress:




The male Cardinal looks down, literally and figuratively, upon this stupidity, and like the Kookaburra, he laughs...


Let me see if the nest progresses further, or (like many other nests), the robins abandon it.

Meanwhile, two House Finches, two Cardinals, and two Robins (different ones I think) are all fighting to build their nests in the same Arbor Vitae shrub/tree in the front yard.

Bird-brain is quite an apt term!
Tags: birding, home, nesting behaviour, photography, st louis

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