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Why apps for IPhones get developed before those for Android phones

I was wondering why iPhones had apps developed for them first, instead of Android phones, though there are many more of the latter. June asked the question when a new app was announced for eBird on the iOS. Kevin Wehner responded:
Here's an excerpt from an article on that topic:
Developing iOS apps means ensuring they work nicely on a small range of iPhones and/or iPads: generally 6-8 different devices depending how far back the developer wants to go.
On Android, it's a different story: nearly 12,000 different devices out there in the hands of people, with a wider range of screen sizes, processors and versions of the Android software still in use.
Many developers' lack of enthusiasm for Android is down to concerns not just about the costs of making and testing their apps for it, but also the resources required to support them once they're launched, if emails flood in about unspotted bugs on particular models.
Full article

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