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A tale told by KTB...

KTB: "I'll tell you a story, instead of you always telling me one."

Me: "OK". (After this I could not say a word.)

KTB: "There was a girl called Kavya whose parents were very mean to her. A fairy godmother called Deepa appeared and said, 'Make a wish!' Kavya wanted her parents to become nicer. But they became a bit nicer and she became a bit meaner. Then a brother appeared who was super mean to them. The fair godmother came again and asked Kavya to make a wish. 'I want him to become nicer,' she said. 'Granted!' said the godmother Then Kavya wanted a house in the clouds, and they also had a tree house. (in a final rush) Theyallivedhappilyeveraftertheend."
Tags: children, conversation, families, happiness, imagination, st louis

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