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The air rapidly cools.
The wind blows, and the smell of the waiting earth
Fills the air, as
The first heavy raindrops fall.
Soon (monsoon) it's a heavy downpour
Washing the dust off the leaves,
Muddying the roads...
My heart swells with emotion
As I come out of my home
To stand in the street,
Face turned up to the clouds
Letting the rain soak my face.
The monsoon touches a place deep in my heart.
My longing for the rain, too, is washed away.
I think love is like the monsoon;
Little acts of affection
Nourish the yearning heart
Wash away the pain of many small hurts,
And make joy bloom into smiles
Of pure, deeply-felt joy.

Tags: green, monsoon, photography, poetry, rain, verse, water

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