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Can you spot the Kingfisher? Muthanallur kere, 081115

On the 8th of November, Ajit, Kumar, Kumuda and I went to Muthanallur lake (beyond Kaikondrahalli lake). They'd visited earlier this year and the lake was bone-dry,and filled with trash. Well, trash was still around, but the lake had plenty of water...and plenty oflife!

Can you spot the Small Blue Kingfisher in this picture?


I assure you, it's there. I got this at half-zoom on my camera, from the very same spot:


Then I zoomed in a little more, to get this feathered jewel:


I love the superzoom on my camera that lets me capture things without going near them, or disturbing them! What wonderful technology!
Tags: bangalore, birding, karnataka, lake, photography, water

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