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What happens to them?

The Beatles

sang about unknown, everyday people in a song.

I travel with a lot of other people every day, and one thing that always worries me is, what happens when people fall asleep on the bus? What if they miss their stop, and wake up realizing that it's going to take quite a long time to get back to wherever they were going?


I mused on how tired these two young women must have been. What are the demands on their time and effort? Where are they bound? They were not together; each got on a different stop. Tiredness was the only thing they had in common.

Luckily, just before I got off, a huge jerk as the bus had to brake suddenly woke them both up.

But I dare not ever sleep on a bus!
Tags: bangalore, bus stops, karnataka, passenger, photography, questions, roads, sleep, travel

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