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How we travelled and what we ate on our trip to Kaggalipura Kere, 060216

Aravind, Mallika, Prem, Raghavendra in one car, and Honne Gowda, Pavitra Kumar, Shilpa, and I went in two cars to look at the

Bar-headed Geese

that I've written about last year. This year, though, we saw them at a different location, Kaggalipura kere (lake) near Somnathpur, in Mysore District.


We didn't head for the same bar, though, when we wanted refreshment.

We went by an Indian and not an imparted car (who would impart one to us?)


We ate fride rice for dinner:


There was also a choice of noodels, amlet, and egg burgy.

However, we could have had young canines, too:


Thankfully, though, we didn't eat at this vegetarian "lunch home" that seemed to offer only dresses!

Tags: birding, english, humour, india, karnataka, lake, language, signs, travel

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