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A tanka written by birdonthewire

She tells him We fight
too often for a couple
on the first floor, he
wonders how far their voices
carry when they reconcile.

made me write this:

The loud words, the angry decibels
Of accusation and recrimination
Are over. The quiet, the peace
Of reconciliation steals over
The scene of the recent quarrel.
Hands are tucked into hands,
Tears shed,
Melting away the rage
(That battled over two minds and hearts)
Into the softness of forgiveness,
The awareness that the whole loud episode
Was not worth the furious energy spent upon it.
Anger is harsh and often seen by all.
Reconciliation is softer, quieter,
Hidden away, known only to those
Who are involved in it:
A sweetness, and the serenity of resurgent love.
Tags: anger, emotions, love, poetry, verse

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