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saw someone getting happy at last...

went and attended another play at Ranga Shankara, a very tentative effort after the last fiasco...this one wasn't much better...I must say the general audience seems much more easily amused than I seem to be....I certainly find a great tendency to laugh at anything and everything, the more puerile the people really want just mindless entertainment at the end of a long evening and a hard working day? and does "value-based" theatre have to be serious and earnest and no fun at all? Reminds me of Ayn Rand's premise in "Night of January 16"....that entertainment and seriousness need not be divorced from each other..the only time I have ever agreed with Ayn Rand...I HATED "The Fountainhead"!

met cappucino_jo who seems to be finding happiness again...

at the play, but could not meet the new person in her life...she has promised to come home...she seems to have an interesting choice ahead of her....hope things pan out.
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