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How macro photography is done, 170716

While we are out looking for birds, I find everything interesting, and this Sunday, when I led a walk in Jaipurdoddi, I spotted a


on a tiny Evolvulus flower. Here's what the scene looked like, without using the zoom on my camera. Can you see it?


Here's where the hoverfly is:


I sometimes use what I call the "distance macro"..I step a little further back, focus on the subject (the camera automatically goes into macro mode...the joys of digital photography!) and then click. Here's the image I got:


But others, with macro lenses on their DSLRs, are far more careful. This is how Mr Dayanand got his shot:


So..photographs may not lie, but photographers certainly do, in the quest for that tiny creature that they can document and share with others!
Tags: bannerghatta, flowers, insects, macro, nature, photography, wildlife

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