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My memory (I wrote this on March 5, 2007)

Inspired by a friend, who, in response to my saying I would like to meet her, gently reminded me that we already HAD....

My memory is like a sieve..
The things I forget, you wouldn't believe.
Things like where I put the keys;
What I'm doing with this handful of cheese;
What was the name of that young girl
Whom I met at the party that was such a whirl?

Oops! I was supposed to call
And wish my friend...not to fall
Into yet another lapse
Of memory....Soon, perhaps
I'll have near-total recollection
And become a paragon of perfection.

But until then, hold off on the blame
If I cannot think of your name...
Or look blank...(I am furiously
Trying to remember where we met, you see.)
Or laugh when I stand at the cupboard door
Wondering what was the forgotten chore.

In fact it is my dearest wish
That I remember to finish
This verse, and hopefully, I will
Not forget to, until
Tags: forgetfulness, humour, memories, poetry, verse

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