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Why I had my camera repaired and not replaced

I had a conversation with a friend who asked me, "Why do you spend Rs.3.5K on repairing your camera instead of getting a new one?". My response:

1. The expense. The kind of camera I want would be around Rs.20-22K right now.

2. It always takes me a while to get the hang of any camera...these days, even bridge cameras are complex pieces of engineering. I do feel that I have the knack of handling my SX50 now, and getting the majority of my shots as passable or better. I don't really want to undergo another long and arduous training session with a new camera.

3. As the official repairer had estimated Rs.12k for the repair, I felt that Rs.3.5K was very reasonable. I took it on a long trip, and it's working very well indeed. The camera repair guy has also given me a guarantee on this zoom motor assembly.

4. With my eyesight problems, I probably will not be buying another camera when this gives up the ghost at some point of time.

Oh yes, I love sharing what I experience, and also feel I am laying by a store of visual memories for the years when I may not be able to get out much, so don't the last sentence too seriously!
Tags: camera, health, learning, photography

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