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Veena Stores, Malleswaram, Bangalore, 171216

There are some eateries in Bangalore which have become quite renowned.

Veena Stores is one such eatery...and I'd never visited in all the years that I have lived in this city I call home.

So today, after our birding outing in

Institute of Wood Science and Technology


Sankey Tank

even though Mrs Maneesha Sharma, whose husband is a scientist and who lives on the campus, had given us a delicious breakfast, we decided to go to

Veena Stores .


I was very glad to find that the eatery has not fallen for its own hype as has happened to many others (MTR and Koshy's top that list, in my opinion!) The service was as unsmiling as could be, the person at the till (you can see him behind the counter in the photo below)


would not give change for Sarrah's Rs.2000 note..we queued up to get our food,


and it was outstanding because we all ate standing out on the footpath!

But the iddlies were excellent,


and so was the coffee. I do wish I'd had space for more!

I loved seeing this gentleman doling out chutney from a bucket! (You can also see the queue)


It was a lovely nippy morning to have a great breakfast, and I returned home very happy at having visited an iconic eatery, and not being disappointed!
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