Location, location, location!

Where, oh, where can I  say that I saw

In the capital city of Karnataka....

Those rare ornithological specimens that I  click.

Usually not in the city, but far!

I worry, you see, that others might spy

And click ...and disturb...those beautiful birts.

But I don't want to keep the location to myself.

So of course,I  say, "Bangalore Outskirts."

Whether it's the hills, the  forests or the valley

Or any of the few remaining lakes...the wirts

That are written under those superb photographs, are always

Those teasing ones: "Bangalore Outskirts".

Bangalore-for-birders is a shy maiden: Not for her

Those see-through tees or off-the-shoulder shirts.

You may get only a peep at  some shy part of  a birt

Under those far-reaching "Bangalore Outskirts".

So I feel happy I'm sharing the info with the world

Of fellow Bangalore-birders till it hurts:

But still I know I will never give away

The actual location of those "Bangalore Outskirts".

I rest easy in mind; I am the only ethical birder.

All the rest of them are irresponsible disaster-alerts.

Let them try to find the bird I found! I defy them

By telling them I found it in the "Bangalore Outskirts".


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