Poetry from my daughter's pen

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Dopamine skies

1st May 2018


The wind offers cool whispers

As we rotate the other ankle

Copper pod petals cling defiantly

To the dark tar sheet 

Rinsed clean sometime last night

Dawn stirs awake in wisps 

Night dances on her snooze button

A drop on my shoulder at Madhavan Park

Reminds me to speed up

The unconcerned metro

Zooms past swaying branches

Breezy gusts offer approval

For my effort down 40th cross.

Lunges stretch to the horizon

Mountain-like in layered bands of grey

Soft sheets give way to seductive swirls above

The corner of the terrace is on fire

Gulmohar flames are un-extinguishable

My abs soften down to shavasana

The sky begins to kiss us all

Dopamine drops

Fragile at first, then less delicate 

We are compelled to linger

Then submit to the splendid shower

A rainbow day awaits me.


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