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Going through the wringer with the Honda City insurance...the local police station won't take accident complaints, the one that does has a policeman who asks for rs. 500 to register the complaint, then it takes an hour to drive to the service place and another 2 hours to come back by auto through Blr's beautiful traffic... most of the parts seem to be made of plastic for which only 40% of the insurance cost will be reimbursed....

From yesterday the home phone is dead, and the phone lineman and the building electrician will NOT come at the same time, but will alternately appear and blame each other...feel like burying them along with the phone...

We are lucky that this happens to us only once in a while....

Corruption is bad. Inefficiency is bad. But Bangalore has a combination of both...deadly!
Tags: corruption, frustration, inefficiency, insurance, police station

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