deponti (deponti) wrote,

Monsoon at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, for the Butterfly Meet, 6-9 September, 2019

मौसम भीगा था।
रस्ते भीग रहे थे,
हम भी ज़ीरो आकर
भीग गए... बहुत तरह से।
भीग गए आप के प्यार में
भीगे वादियों की सुंदरता में।
भीगे प्यार से परोसा हुआ खाना में।
"भूतान गलोरी", "ब्राउन गोर्गन " को देख कर
आश्चर्य में भीग गए!
आएंगे वापस ज़रूर,
कैसर-ए -हिन्द से मिलने;
बरसात होगी फिर तितलियों की!
भीग गए हम....अरुणाचल की प्यार में।

It was the monsoon,
And the roads were wet.
We, too, were drenched,
When we visited Arunachal,
In different ways.
We soaked in the affection of the people,
In the beauty of the mountains.
We dripped with the lovingly served meals.
When we saw the "Bhutan Glory", the "Brown Gorgon"
And the "Apatani Glory",
We were drenched in amazement.
We will certainly return,
To see the "Kaiser-e-Hind";
There will be a torrential rain of butterflies, again!
We are the love of Arunachal.
Tags: butterflies, events, hindi, nature, poetry

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