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This is a detail from the wall of the Gopalaswamy Temple at Gopalaswamy Betta in Bandipur. The figure is that of Garuda, (the Brahminy Kite), the vehicle of the God Vishnu, whose incarnation Krishna or Gopal (Go-pal...literally, one who breeds cattle) is...Garuda's natural prey is the snake (remember my translation of Kannadasan's song at

?)..and here, in a delicious irony, Garuda is depicted with a snake as an ornament! Garuda is flanked by two Simha, or  lions...these are somewhat stylized.

I loved the vertical of the Dhwaja Sthambham (temple flag pole) behind, as well as the  random growth of the tree branches...clicking these is so much easier than trying to get those elusive animals and birds which are there one second and gone the next!

IMG_0534 detail from Gopalaswamy temple...Garuda and lions
Tags: bandipur, garuda, gopalaswamy temple, kannadasan, snake, song

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