deponti (deponti) wrote,

An anecdote from the past...with a twist in the tail!

I wish we could visit a lot more of our seniors (yes, senior even to me!) and hear their stories and anecdotes. Today I visited a couple, and here's the anecdote:

The gentleman had a big group of Japanese visitors in his factory; in preparation for the visit, he'd asked several of his colleauges and their spouses to take a course in Japanese. His wife had a ear for languages, and completed the next course too.

During the visit, she heard the visitors talking amongst themselves about the chaotic traffic in the city (remember, this must have been thirty years ago!) and expressing worry.

During the official welcome speech which she delivered in Japanese, she also added, "I know some of you were worried about the traffic and your safety...please don't worry. The driver of the van is our second-best company chauffeur."

"Oh!" exclaimed a visitor, relieved. Then added, "Where is your best driver?"

"Still in the hospital," was the reply!

I am very fond of this couple. They have a great sense of humour and a big fund of stories!
Tags: anecdote, friends, humour, old age

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