deponti (deponti) wrote,

DGA...Doting Grandma Alert!

K1 watched Ramayana with me in the morning, and as the crown was brought to Sugriva (after a prolonged weeping and moralizing bout and the terribly protraced death of Vali), she said Sugriva was eager for the coronation, and was saying, "Bring me the corona! Bring me the corona!" I fell about laughing at her apt pun for this time of the virus.

And about Mahabharat...after watching Drona rescue the ball for the Pandavas by shooting blades of grass into a long line,piercing it, and pulling it out of the well , K2 went and pulled something out, too.... the exact Tinkle Digest where the same story was illustrated! I am very impressed.
Tags: bangalore, children, families, kalyan, television

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