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April 26, 2018 at 5:53 PM ·

Butterfly on the Moon. (Nonsense verse inspired by a conversation on the Bangalore Butterfly Club, where Kesava asked how much a butterfly would weigh on the moon!

Thought the butterfly as she flitted over the moon,
"I can't stay here, I'll have to leave soon.
"It is a matter that's sad to state
"But on this place, alas, I have hardly any weight.
"How can I lay eggs or perpetuate my race
"If I can't even land but float off in space?
"Alas!" she added, " I may be over the moon
"But it's the worth of the Earth that is my greatest boon."

Jezebel, Baevu trip, 091016
Tags: butterflies, humour, moon, nature, verse

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