deponti (deponti) wrote,

Anatomy of Two-wheeler riders in Bangalore during Covid times

The body of the Average Two-wheeler Driver (ATD), in Bangalore at least, is a wondrous thing, consisting of:

1. Nose, uncovered and free to breathe anything in the air, from the exhaust fumes to any germs/virus going around.
2. Mouth, sometimes uncovered, the better to hurl insults at other road users, and to talk on the mobile phone (see below)
3. Chin, for the mask to be tucked under, (see below)
4. Head, uncovered as there is nothing inside to be protected by a helmet.
5. Elbow, most important.There are two of these, one to hang the helmet from, and the other for the mask (if not tucked under the chin).
6. Shoulder, to tuck the mobile into for talking convenience when riding in the traffic, with the head at a strange angle.

There are other parts of the body, too, but they are not as important as the above-mentioned ones.
Tags: bangalore, humour, illness, rules, traffic

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